Wild Enchantress

Women's Work ; The Embodiment of Feminine Wisdom

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Wild Woman. Witch. Goddess. Empress. Priestess....

Yes you.

This course is the unraveling of our mysteries, the unlocking of our orgasmic potential, the remembering of our infinite power.

This course was born for personal reclamation and to host Women's Circles & hold space for Feminine Embodiment with deep anchoring and awareness.

Through these resources we take back our voices, our bodies and our wisdom.

Through these resources we reclaim sovereignty over our wellness, and remember our WHOLENESS.

Through these resources we recognize that we are this Nature that we long so deeply for and return to her.

Jessi and Brie went on a journey of self-study hand in hand, sifting through libraries, remembering the old knowing, pulling together the scraps of HERstory from the ashes of the burned.

This work is the result of a journey of reclamation, born of two women who combined their knowledge, sought the answers to the questions we've been posing for centuries, and tried it all out, conducting both their own studies and ceremonies to bring back a long buried knowing from the marrow of ancestral bone.

Here you have the tools to begin, here you have the hidden fairy door, the portal to your hidden caverns and deepest secrets - and what you choose to unravel is YOURS, once again.

Your Instructor

Brie Wollman
Brie Wollman

Brie is a passionate dancer, trained in performance and traditional dance. She has been connecting body and soul for her entire life, so of course it spilled over into her spiritual practice. Since becoming a yoga teacher she has been painting tapestries of yogic art in her classes. Brie is also a self taught kitchen witch and makes incredible potions for women's support.

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Blood Bones & Magick
A Wild Woman’s Virtual Handbook
Jessi Mendez

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