Wild Essence : Sacred Feminine Alchemy

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Included your tuition is the full support of a global sisterhood that gathers at each turn of the wheel in ceremony, sisterhood, practice and celebration.

As a student or graduate of any of these courses, you are invited to join our sacred circle of the Wild & Wise in all of our Flesh & Bone offerings at solely the cost of food/lodging. The lead hours of practice, workshop, and ceremony by Jessi Mendez and select guest facilitators is included in the lifetime tuition pricing seen here.

These retreat weeks will continue to cycle and be offered in international locations 2020 we begin in Vermont, Costa Rica, Aruba, Jamaica, Italy. Our lead trainers offer in person hours in their home towns all over the world as well.

This is a lifetime of work, a lifetime of offerings and opportunities to gather, a home for the Wild Soul.